Chapter 1:
Founded the summer of 2006, DTK members Greg Mallon, formerly of modern rock and metal band
Buck-it,Marc Dinsmore and  Rick Frantz formerly of an 80's metal band Chaos, and former DTK Member
Nick Forsyth,  formerly of Hardcore band  Neocracy had a vision to play a mix of tunes that was unheard of
and voided by the local scene at the time. Mallon was craving to play the fun tunes of the 80s to present, Rick
was craving the Metal Songs, Marc was craving the ability to choose whatever songs that came to mind, and
Nick was looking to go a more classic direction , way apart from his hardcore roots.

We debuted with a setlist from Ted Nuget, Georgia Satellites, New Kids on The Block, Stevie Wonder, an
80's hairband medley to Janes Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Live , Sublime  to
Pantera,  NIN, Tool, Rage, Korn, and System Of a Down. We did not debut to the glory day crowds of Buck-it
and Chaos, like we had hoped of using our old names to gain some familiar faces in a hurry without paying our
dues. The crowds were great, but nothing like the previous years in comparison to sizes. Each show we played
was like a roller coaster of up and downs, crowd numbers and musically. Despite the ups and downs, the new
sound and statement of a new mix was still being talked about. Good or bad , we were still being talked about.

Chapter 2:
During the late spring of 2007 Nick left for school, and we hit the jack pot when we picked up Casey
Zimmerman, formerly of Arson Inc,  along side the road when his tractor broke down in Johnsonburg, not
really, but we did pick up a perfect addition to the personality bond, along with being an incredible drummer.

We have always been strong in our home towns of DuBois and Clearfield with crowds and friends, but we
always lacked the ability of getting our name out  in the Elk County Area, Since we have joined up with Casey
our musical bond not only keeps getting better with everyshow, we owe much of our success in Elk County to
hooking up with Casey.

Chapter 3:
Spring of 2009 Marc Dinsmore landed a new job in Pittsburgh, due to the beautiful Pa winters he had to make
a tough choice to leave the band, it was a major bummer losing him as our guitar player. Fortunatly for us a
great friend of the band, Eric Koval,  who used to play with Greg in Buck-It as a bassplayer was in the in the
market as a free agent. We hooked up with him in late October.

Chapter 4
Due to that little thing we call real life our friend Casey Zimmerman made a decision to step down from DTK
and take a break for a while. We got lucky with his replacement when we found out our friend Manny
Barbazzeni was available and hungry to get back into the music scene. With Manny,  we have decided to try a
whole new approach and reach out to an even larger fan base by taking some of the heavier tunes out and
adding in more Pop, Country, 80's, 50's, R&B, Classic Rock, and anything else that is good and unexpected.
Here we go again!

The list of friends that we keep meeting from week to week from Northwest Central Pa , just keeps growing
out of control. It has been a great experience, DTK cannot thank you all enough, your support, party abilitys,
and you comments has been what keeps the DTK regime rolling every week.  Rock it up!